Handspun by Stefania specializes in hand dyed handspun yarn and rovings using only materials from nature with an occasional bit of man-made glitz. These fine yarns are featured separately and in knitting kits with original designs. Custom work is also possible with special patterns, colors, fiber blends, or knitted garments, tailored to your individual passions.

Introducing My Book

In Search of the Perfect Green — and Orange, too! A Natural Dye Book

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In Search of the Perfect Green - and Orange, Too!

In Search of the Perfect Green--and Orange, Too! is a book about natural dyes and how to use them. As a well-known colorist with natural dyes, Stefania shares her experience and knowledge, covering the dyeing process, mordanting, extracting dye from plant material, scouring fiber, and over-dyeing. This book has an emphasis on safety for the dyer as well as the environment. Stefania gives many suggestions on proportions of dye for a desired effect, as well as possibilities to tap one's creativity.  She goes through a step-by-step explanation of the use of indigo in a clear, systematic way. The book if filled with pictures to inform and guide the reader. This is an excellent resource for the natural dyer.

2020 Festival Schedule

February 12 - 13
     North House Folk School, Grand Marais, MN
     Teaching: Leaves, Roots, Bugs: Natural Dyes

May 2 - 3
     Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, West Friendship, MD

May 8 - 10
     Shepherds Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival, Lake Elmo, MN
Spinning for Socks
                    Dyeing with Natural Indigo

June 11 -14
     Estes Park Wool Market, Estes Park, CO
     Teaching: Spinning for Socks

August 7-9
     North House Folk School, Grand Marais, MN
     Teaching: Shades of Blue: Intro to Indigo
                    Entirely Socks: Spin and knit (2 days)

August 14 - 16
     Michigan Fiber Festival, Alllegan, MI

September 11 - 13
     Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, Jefferson, WI
Teaching: Spinning for Socks
                    Dyeing with Natural Indigo`

October 17 - 18
     New York Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY

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Stefania is a master spinner, experienced knitter, pattern designer, and very learned in the use of natural dyes - click here to learn from Stefania.

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About Stefania
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Meet Stefania Isaacson and learn more about her varied and colorful career!

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